What is the process for a new patient referral?

As soon as we receive the referral via fax, Escribe, or verbal authorization, our staff will process that prescription. We will also do an instantaneous online insurance verification and coordination of benefits to decrease your office load and increase access to medications. A follow up call to your office to explain the patients insurance coverage will then take place if need be. Then we call your patient to explain their insurance coverage, re-teaching of medication and disease state, and answer any questions. We set up free medication delivery to the patient’s home or to your office with in 24 hours or less from the time you requested the medication. 

What is the process if a prior authorization is required?

Once we verify your patients insurance online and we learn that a prior authorization (PA) is required our pharmacy will contact you right away (less than 3 hours) via fax or phone call. When allowed by the insurance company we will initiate and manage the PA process for you. We have a built in interface system that will send your office the exact PA form that is required for your patient. Our system will pick out exact form based on the patient’s insurance, drug needed and type of authorization needed, including getting the appropriate forms that need to be submitted. We will fill out as much as the forms demographics and clinical information that we have available before we fax it back to your office. We will also give you the 800-phone number for the PA line in case your office is required to contact the patients insurance company directly. Once the PA form is filled out and signed your office either fax the forms to the insurance company or to our pharmacy. The insurance company should contact your office within 48 hours of receiving the completed PA form to inform you if your patient’s medication has been approved, denied, or if they need more information. 

Will you manage the prior authorization process for me?

We will inform your office when a pre authorization is needed, we will send you the appropriate form. We will also call your office if we do not hear from you within the stated approval time frame. So, for example if your office initiated a pre authorization for X Insurance on Monday, if we do not hear from your office by Thursday, we will follow up with you. 

What if I want to process the prior authorization myself?

Yes you can definitely process the PA yourself. We will provide as much support as you need to make your and your office’s job easier. We just ask that you please forward us the prescription so that together we can achieve optimal patient care. 

What is the process if a patient has a high copayment?

Once we verify your patient’s insurance benefits and find out they have a high copayment or co-insurance payment our pharmacy will contact your office right away. We will let your office know of the high copayment amount. If your office states that the patient can’ t afford the payment, our pharmacy will look into all available financial assistance programs for your patients diagnosis. We will also work with your office social workers to find the best financial assistance program options for the patient. Once we find the best options for your patient we will contact your office and if you give us the ok we will contact the patient to explain their insurance coverage and that they have a high copayment. Then we give the patient a list of all the financial assistance programs available for their diagnosis. Most financial assistance programs require patient financial information and documentation to make their decision on whether or not the patient qualifies for assistance, because of this our pharmacy will provide as much support as the patient will allow. Once the patient gives the financial assistance program all of the required information or documentations via phone, online, or fax we have to wait until they approve or deny the assistance. Once the patient is approved for financial assistance we can ship the medication right away. Patient will always receive all medication within or less than 24 hours from he time of shipment. 

Will you manage the copay assistance process for me?

Our pharmacy will provide as much support as your patient and your office will allow managing of the copay assistance process. 

If I send in a referral for a specialty medication and you discover a prior authorization is required how soon will I be informed?

Our pharmacy will inform you or your staff within less than 3 hours from the time we discovered the prior authorization was needed. 

What do I do once I complete the prior authorization?

In most cases, fax the pre authorization form to the insurance company. 

How do I speak to the pharmacist when the pharmacy is not opened?

Please call Inwood Pharmacy Specialty Pharmacy’s toll free phone number at 1-844-295-8203. One of our pharmacists will be happy to help you. 

How can I leave a message for the pharmacist and/or pharmacy team? How long will it take to receive a response?

During pharmacy hours please call 1-844-295-8203 and a live pharmacy staff member will always answer the phone and should be able to help you, or you can ask to leave a message for the pharmacist. After pharmacy hours please call 1-844-295-8203 and leave a message. One of our pharmacists will call you back to help you. You can also use our contact us tab and email our pharmacy staff, and one of our pharmacists will call you back. We will return emergent calls in one hour and non-emergent calls within 24 hours. 

I am not satisfied with services provided. How do I let Inwood’s know?

Please call1-844-295-8203 and request to speak with the head pharmacist or pharmacist in charge. They will listen to your situation and work on a quick and effective way to fix the situation. Please fill out our complaint form. 

How do I get started or learn more about your pharmacy?

Please call us at 1-844-295-8203 or fax 212-304-0759 today. Our pharmacy team is available to answer any questions. We will coordinate with your office to achieve optimal care.