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Can a tick really paralyze a person? – ABC News

ABC NewsCan a tick really paralyze a person?ABC NewsWith a 5-year-old daughter she said was unable to walk and talk, a Mississippi mom urgently warned parents to check their children for ticks. Jessica Griffin wrote on Facebook that doctors in Mississippi performed a multitude of tests and a CT scan on …A 5-year-old girl's sudden paralysis was a mystery. Then her mother checked her scalp.Washington PostA Mother Says Her 5-Year-Old Was Temporarily Paralyzed From A Tick Bite On Her ScalpBuzzFeed News5-year-old temporarily paralyzed after tick bite makes full recoveryFox NewsTech Times -CafeMom -Patch.com -WPLG Local 10all 21 news articles »
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Can a tick really paralyze a person? – ABC News